Friday, 21 September 2012

Downton, Mr Darcy and being duped !

According to Miss Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, an accomplished lady can sing, and sew, and draw and play the piano. She can dance, has an understanding of modern languages and enjoys reading.

Though she may practice these skills daily, her lot in life was but to wait for a husband, for there was no other choice in life, for women of a certain fortune but to wed.

These days we are much more fortunate, for we are permitted to do as we please, to go where we will, to study or to travel and to generally make a path of our own choosing, whatever that may be.

Recently however, instead of broadening my horizons, I have been reposing at my leisure incandescently happy with my own private obsession for period dramas. Although I do not relish the idea of a life of pleasantries ( and probably boredom) waiting for Mr. Darcy, I have myself been sat for a considerable amount of time watching said gentleman in the pursuit of Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Not just once but on numerous occasions.

The stunning Miss Keira Knightly and the dashingly handsome Matthew Mcfadyn have delighted me with their simmering off/on romance. The musical score for the film is utterly charming and thought provoking, the views breathtaking and the Bennet's house is the perfect kind of shabby chic.

Upon searching for still shots of the interior of Longbourn, I inadvertently discovered that there was an extra scene added to the American version of Pride and Prejudice. It was sincerely felt that the US market would appreciate an extra kiss from Knightly and Mcfadyn, but decided that the British would find it unnecessary.

Well, I felt robbed,
and generally done over !...............
How dare someone decide that I, a Brit would not enjoy this extra piece of romance.
I had always felt that the film ended rather abruptly, and I made it my mission to track down this scene. It was a happy day last week, when I found the film with it's extra scene in our local library.
I just hope it won't be worn out, by the time I take it back.

My interest, still not being satisfied, I went and bought the televised version with the very dashing Colin Firth. It has been most enjoyable to see more of Jane Austen's words played out in front of me.

Not content with Pride and Prejudice, I have watched the latest version of Jane Eyre at least three times, and the wonderful BBC has brought Downton Abbey back to our screens. The second series didn't seem quite as good to me as the first, but the new series got off to a glorious start on Sunday and I am looking forward to the next instalment immensely.

So, dear friends, this is where I have been, and my excuse for neglecting you once again.
My obsession will subside as they always do, and I shall return to practice my accomplishments but for now Mr. Darcy is calling once again.  I cannot decide whether it will be Colin or Matthew. I shall return forthwith - once I have taken this dictionary out of my mouth, and returned to my normal speech pattern.

Adieu, and may my words find you all in perfect health.


  1. Oh, it's Colin and no other for my Mr. Darcy! No matter how many times you say you have seen it, I have seen it more. Gwyneth is the best Emma. Is there a good version of Mansfield Park out in your neck of the woods? I could trade you a N. American version of P&P. You are a girl after my own heart! ~ Maureen

  2. I would most assuredly wish to join you in this gentle repast, perhaps some lavender infused hankies to help our brief swoons whilst watching Mr. Darcy proclaim his love, and a fire in the hearth, a warm spaniel at our feet, yes that would do very nicely, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon

  3. I love all of these movies and have enjoyed watching them several times.

    Sadly, here in the States will will not see Downton until January! I am trying not to watch it on the internet.

    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  4. Ha ha! Very entertaining, my dear. I await the return of Masterpiece Theater on Sunday nights. Actually, I may have missed the first episode. I will be sure to tune in this week. My favorite quality programs on tv these days. Enjoy!

  5. :)
    I don't blame you! The film with K.Knightly and M.Mcfadyn is one of my favorites! How unfair of them to take away scenes for certain audiences, it should be the same for everybody! Keep enjoying it!

  6. Darn those romantic Americans.


  7. I have both versions of P & P and presently am reading a "what happened next" version. I am addicted to all of the versions of what might have followed.

  8. Oh i am glad we were treated to the kiss. And I vote for Matthew. Enjoy!

  9. A perfect post Fiona! I rather like that dictionary in your mouth!

  10. Hahaha That was son funny!!! I love reading you in such formal english!!!
    don´t worry. sometimes we need our romance dosis. I think I´d rather have the extra kiss version myself!

  11. I love this post. Didn't realize I had missed it, but am still catching up on what I've missed. I love reading the book!


  12. I prefer these old sort of movies any day! : ) Currently our cable is running "Ann of the Thousand Days" and I have probably watched it twice already....I love the period dramas and / or historical movies

    1. Hi Debra, I would reply and thank you personally for stopping by, but you have no-reply blogger on - you need to turn it off for me to reply to you !


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