Tuesday, 5 June 2012

mini guest room post #1

I'm making slow progress, because as usual, I'm working on multiple projects (do I repeat myself a lot ? ! ).

The guest room is approx. 6ft x 9ft, so it really is small. It also needs to have a dual purpose, as a guest room/sewing room. Not that I will go in there to sew, but I need a place to store all my sewing stuff.

The guest that stays here the most is Pandy, and I'm pretty spoilt at her place. I get the pink toile bedroom with an en suite ! You can see more pictures of it here in a very early post, as well as other photos of her amazing home.
There is only one bathroom in our house, definitely no chance of an en suite, so I want to make the room as cosy and inviting as possible. Besides, I have that great bed I found here, and it lends itself to a more classic style, much more up Pandy's street.

This is my starting point - an Ikea blanket and two cushions, that were in the sitting room.

I hate blankets just thrown over chairs, but I did this to hide an Ikea bucket chair that seriously needs a makeover (idea already logged for this and added to long list). All three things came from the guest bedroom in my last house. That's the flooring on the right, which we still haven't put down, except in the kitchen - hmmm !!!

I found some remnants of the fabrics, and some other pieces to use. I had covered a headboard in this previously, which unfortunately I no longer own.

There's a large enough piece of this fabric to upholster the seat of a chair I have, and the rest is going to be used in a pelmet.

I love bobble fringe, and the little linen table mat was £1 in a charity shop. I have ideas for all of this, but the first thing on my list was a bed cover. The cream one under the fabric is very old and not particularly nice.

There was nothing in TKMaxx - not that I've got the money anyway. I wanted to put my blanket on the end of the bed, on top of a cream quilt, or something similar. My generous friends - ie Pandy and her mother - bought me a gorgeous duvet set and some extra pillow cases.

Aren't they lovely ! The duvet set is from TKMaxx, and the pillow cases are from The White Company.
I also got a cream bedcover, similar to the white one, but much, much nicer.
There is no photo, because a strange thing happened, and I didn't need it (Pandy's mum was totally cool with this, it was only £5.99 I think).

I was talking to my ex, about the room (he's another old geezer and gets on very well with the current old geezer !), and he told me that he had a bed cover I made !
I couldn't remember making one at all. I even had a whole discussion with Pandy about how I couldn't have made one, because I would have remembered working it all out and sewing it.

The ex old geezer dropped off my lined and inter-lined bed cover with the scalloped edge !!! 

I am 2 years off 50. Actually, make that 1 1/2.
Is it all down hill from now on ? 
The knees are already on the way out. I've just got my first pair of glasses and now my memory ??
I'd remembered covering a headboard, so how on earth could I have forgotten actually making a bedcover.

Well, at least I have it - and it's certainly very Pandy !
And although there are no pics, the black and white check blanket looks great along the end of the bed.

Onwards and upwards. I have a list of about 12 things to do in this room, added to the one thing I have done already - but I will share that with you another time, if I remember !!!


  1. Really love the duvet! And I must say here... that it's pretty weird that the ex old geezer gets along with the current old geezer! (i can hear the sound of the Twilight again...)!

  2. I don't think you're too old...I think maybe you just blocked it out. It certainly looks lovely. I love that headboard! But then I'm partial to headboards.


  3. Oh I so love the bed and the perfect linens. I am sure the plaid blanket looks amazing on the foot of the bed. It will be a stunning room. Hugs, Marty

  4. I am two years off fifty--in the other direction. (Is that 8 years off 60?) I remember getting married and giving birth. That's about it.
    I love cream with black. I would love to put it in my house, but it just won't go. Maybe the next house!
    Happy Diamond Jubilee!

  5. I'm loving your fabrics! I have cream and black toile and checked fabrics in my kitchen with terra cotta walls. I'm anzious to see the other things you have planned for your room.

  6. I think the bedding is looking quite cozy! I love the black check with the cream and white too.

    Many folks say that the mind is the first thing to go and I'm in total agreement there!

  7. Oh 50 is not that bad .....trust me :) Your bedding looks beautiful.


  8. It looks lovely! I love the pillow. And you aren't old, it is just a number. I have the worst eye sight!

  9. I know your post is about your bedcover, but I had to laugh about aging. I am way off of 50 and believe me it goes up and down. The secret is to keep moving!

    How sweet of your ex to remember and return your cover to you.

  10. Love the color of the fabrics - and I can completely understand having several projects all over the place - no, not getting old! I am right with you, next week to the eye doctor - I think bi-focals are in my future!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Oh boy did this post resonate with me! I too am a year + a bit off the big 5 0 ! Im always buying things I already have; magazines, books, etc because I forget I already have them. I'm very good at quickly gifting said items so Im not in trouble with the hubby! LOL! Love the cream and black scheme!
    x KL

  12. Fi, that looks nice and relaxing, just like a guest room should.


  13. Fiona,

    You may have forgotten about the blanket, but you never forget your amazingly creative skills that turn entire 'empty' rooms into full-house and fabulous retreats! It's all gorgeous!

    P.S. It's two years later and I gather you hit the big 5-0...join the party, not pity party, just party, as in 'Yay! I'm half a century old!'...trust me: it's better than crying in your coffee...been there, done that, so...um...yeah, 'Yay!';))


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