Friday, 1 June 2012

booth shopping !

A couple of weeks ago I went with Pandy on a little trip to the gorgeous town of Lewes.
It's full of historic buildings, gorgeous, individually owned shops and antique centres.

One of my very early posts was about Lewes - you can see more pictures here.

We went to look at a place with booths, but first we just HAD to stop for coffee !

Pandy's paying - my turn next time ! We shared a Welsh Rarebit as well. No, I don't like to eat fluffy little bunnies - it's basically melted cheese on toast, sometimes mustard is added, and in this case, beer !

I've been to this place before. It has a coffee shop at the front, and restaurant at the back.

I love that industrial type lighting over the counter.

I digress - I seem to do that a lot where coffee is concerned. Below are pictures of the antiques centre and various booths.

There were about 5 floors and they used every spare inch. Great cabinet with the flag going across the legs as well.

Cute little enamel sink unit.

There were two women running this place, and not the friendliest of women, but we had come to ask about a booth, so ask we did.
One of the women reluctantly showed me a book, with what could have been about a hundred names - the waiting list was very, very long.
I asked the price.
She said £185 to £220 per month depending on the size.
Unfortunately she caught the look of horror that flashed across my face, she nearly closed the book.
Luckily Pandy took control of the situation, and told me to put my name down anyway.

I did, but we left deflated ( we hadn't even bought anything ).

We would have gone for tea and cake here, we needed another pick-me-up, but time was running out on the car.

When we got back to my house, the old geezer talked some sense into us. He thought the price was pretty good. He said that if the waiting list was that long, then none of the booth owners were unhappy with their takings. He made sense.

SO, next week I'm going to look somewhere different with another friend and I reckon that in about 10 years I might just get a phone call from Lewes - I should have enough stock by then !!


  1. I find it difficult to hide the shock on my face too. Maybe the next one will be more reasonable for you. Good luck!


  2. Fiona, I love Welch Rarebit :) Yummy! I don't think that price sounds too bad and it looks like a lovely place - well lit and lots of other nice items. I'll keep my finger crossed for you!

  3. It IS hard to keep that look of horror off your face when the price of something is way too high. You'll need to practice your poker face in the mirror before you go back. That woman scares me and I live across the ocean!

    Good luck finding a reasonable space.

  4. Welsh Rarebit! I recently found a recipe for it in my mother's recipe box. Haven't had it in years but she used to make it for us when we were kids.
    I like the antiques center. We have some in my area but a friend and I are looking for the same type of place where you can put furniture that you have refurbished or upcycled items.

  5. Holy moley, that's a high price! Maybe the Geezer is right, though. If no one is leaving there must be good traffic for the booths. ~ Maureen

  6. If you keep looking, you will find something with nicer people. You deserve a place where the people don't sound so snobbish. Good luck hunting!

  7. I used to put my painted furniture in coffee shops and beauty parlors allowing product to be put on it, I sold 100% of it for a very good price and very quickly and got customers for custom work to boot

  8. I have two booths--one in a shop where I o quite well and love the folks who own it, one where I was led to believe that the shop does a very brisk business and that it "didn't always look so messy." Basically, that second shop told me untruths. I am looking for a DIFFERENT second shop--I am not thrilled being next to a booth selling bedpans and knitted toilet paper covers. Keep looking and the right place will appear!

  9. Fiona, I LOVE the name of your blog! I think that was my mother's motto for decorating when I was growing up, and it's one thing that stuck with me all these years.

    Thanks so much for the kinds words. Glad to have you following along:)

  10. LOL....... just think you can use your own stuff for those ten years!


  11. Good luck with the booth! I have thought about eventually doing something like that? It is hard to know whether to take the risk or not?! I looked at some of your furniture you have painted - beautiful! I am your newest follower!

  12. What a wonderful shoppe....too bad the lady was such a meanie!!! Good luck...I know you will find the perfect booth :o)


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