Saturday, 9 June 2012

a little bit of this, and a little bit of that !

Although I have been painting and doing all sorts, I just wanted to write about a couple of things.

First, I received an award - the Liebster Award, from Diane at The Checkered Apple.
I have received this before, and been tagged, and told you many things about myself - so I hope Diane won't mind if I just use this to send you in the direction of other bloggers. Let's all 'share the follower love' as someone else put it !

For those of you I name below, dear bloggy friends who would like to accept, please go to Diane's post here to read the rules.

Share the follower love with  Danielle @ Silver Pennies
Maureen @ It's All Connected
Carol @ Art and Sand
Stacey @ Flickerwhips

Also, please visit Diane - she still has her Patriotic Link Party running - link through the button at the top of the page.

The Jubilee is now over and all the focus is on the Olympics. I must say, I watched most of the fun from the comfort of my sofa. We did go to a street party, where there was a rock and roll dance group trying to get everyone involved, and also a great band but we didn't stay too long. Luckily we had no rain down here, but it was really really windy.

The best part of the Jubilee for me, was visiting friends (because there were four screaming 13 year old girls in our house !) and then sitting on the sofa in the evening in a blissfully quiet house (they had gone to a party, and the old geezer was doing a gig), blogging, drinking tea and watching the concert in front of Buckingham Palace. It was amazing and perfectly topped off by Paul McCartney singing old favourites.

I have written many things about myself before, so I'm sure you don't want to hear any more but let me just tell you that now the rain is back, and spiders have been coming into my studio to dry out and I REALLY DON'T LIKE SPIDERS. The old geezer has been removing them for me and I have been caulking up any holes I can find !

Lastly, can I just say thanks to everyone who comes by and leaves me a comment. It's so great to connect with people all over the world. I occasionally come across British bloggers and try to connect with them, but for some reason they aren't interested and normally they don't write back or follow. It is well known in the UK, that Southerners don't talk to each other, whereas Northeners will talk to anyone - lol - I'm a Southener. 
 Well, I have just met a great lady who lives in the next county. She is the last one on my list - Carol at Juniper and Roses (she does gorgeous furniture makeovers) and so it's great to have someone who completely understands a statement I've always thought, but never written 'I'm just a Blue Peter kid at heart'.

Share the follower love people, share the follower love !!!


  1. Fiona, so funny. I always found "southerns" so friendly. Made loads of friends in Bristol and Luke's whole family lives in Cornwall. We watched all the jubilee highlights here! Thanks for sharing the love! x

  2. Love ya hunni - you're one of my fav bloggers - but you know that already - and I always love to hear more about you (maybe less about the spiders - shudder). Big hugs xxx Nat

  3. Fiona, so so much humor in your blog ;). I can definitely relate to spiders getting in the house after heavy rain. I'm often on the lookout for spiders, frogs and centipedes during the rainy season. I'm petrified of all of them!

  4. Fiona, I love your blog! It makes me feel like I am not-so-lame by having all the china bits and Royal Doulton figurines and antiques in my living room. And that someone understands when I say I love green Aero bars and Smarties, which are NOT the same as M&Ms, they are better. And that fish & chips should be served wrapped in paper. With vinegar. *sigh* These Americans just don't get it. ;)

  5. Hi Fiona! It's always great fun reading your blog and I'm looking forward to visiting your 5 gals and seeing what they have going on in their worlds. Also, thanks for mentioning the patriotic party I'm hosting. It's been fun seeing all the creative ideas everyone has contributed.

  6. My dear Fiona! This was a really fun post! I'm gonna check some of the bloggers you suggested, as the rest of them are already in my reading list!
    xoxo, Olga

  7. That explains it. I'm a Northerner.



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