Sunday, 16 October 2011

three hours in Lewes

Yesterday we spent time in the gorgeous, historic town of Lewes, East Sussex. The weather was amazing for October and three hours just wasn't enough !
Photos from my phone don't really do it justice either - from the antique shops at the bottom of the hill across the River Ouse and on up the hill all the way to the castle, there is an endless amount of historical detail to view and beautiful individual family run shops to drool over.

The most inspirational of these is 'Flint' at the top of the hill. Beautifully displayed homewares interspersed with books, shoes, clothes and bags all laid out on my kind of furniture - painted, distressed, softened by time and very chic. The website is just a tiny taster of the objects on sale, but visit the shop to soak up the great ambience and subtle neutral shades. And if like me you would like to move in, they also offer an interior design service!

I also loved Wickle which was like a mini shopping experience, with coffee and cake being served at the back and every inch stuffed with colourful objects for all ages.
Next time I want to try out Bill's which has a great reputation but was too busy for us yesterday (three hours just isn't enough) and also the Ieko Cafe looked very interesting. Half way up the hill it seems to be a coffee shop together with an interior shop that specialises in selling eco friendly paints.


  1. how i'd love to visit these shops and soak up inspiration everywhere! i've never been to europe--can you believe?


  2. That's whats so great about all these blogs - lovely to be able to look at somewhere different. Off to Spain in November so hope to take lots of pics. First proper holiday in about 6 years so really looking forward to it.
    Thanks Fiona


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