Thursday, 13 October 2011

a couple of photos

So here is 'the thing'. A little stand for a bathroom (for soaps bottles) or in my case a kitchen. Just for now it has a couple of salt and pepper sets (light bulbs and corn) and some Spode herb jars. The herb jars look so good that I am going to try and buy more and although I don't want a blue and white kitchen I do have a bit of a collection (many moons ago I used to run a Royal Worcester and Spode concession within a department store in Brighton) 
The stand was grey so I simply painted it white and rubbed it back a little. Behind are the unfinished tongue and groove walls !  (And yes I do like a few tacky/twee things - salt and peppers - can't resist if they look really cute. I'll stage them soon and show you how good they look !!!!! honest ).

Newly painted mirror originally pine, painted blue then gold (not by me) and slightly distressed. Very cheap candle sconces from Spain which although a nice grey, looked too shiny; so I painted and distressed them aswell. Now on the wall, I just need to paint the screws.
This is our hall which obviously needs a little attention - the wire hanging down, ceiling light replaced and I also want to paint the back of the door and woodwork. All this we hope to do in the next few months, although I am really pleased with the cabinet I have had for years, Laura Ashley lamp and little dish with bird ( from a friend's shop that has unfortunately closed).

So as the William Morris quote says I am on my way to making everything either functional or beautiful or both. Well as good as it can be on my budget, with our space and with a distinct inability to throw anything out !

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