Sunday, 9 October 2011

First post - everything is all white

Don't get me wrong I love colour. You can't spend your life training as a textile designer, working in a tapestry shop and then painting other peoples homes without using a lot of colour. But I love stuff. I especially love putting things on walls - shelves, mirrors, pictures, hooks, sconces, corbels and much more - so a white backdrop is perfect for me. Also we live in a small three bedroomed terrace and white walls always make a space seem larger.
I am going to try looking at our house as though it belonged to a client and see if there is any way I can use my home as a showroom for my ideas. But for now I am filling my creative needs by just painting things white, including the kitchen which we have done up the best way we can on a limited budget.
We had hoped to have an exposed brick wall but the bricks just weren't good enough and have ended up with tongue and groove everywhere except on the ceiling. This is actually the wall covering I love the most. My dream house would be a seaside shack all made from wood - Scandinavia meets New England. And it definately definately wouldn't be stained or varnished wood like a sauna - it HAS to be painted wood.
So the T & G is going white, as well as two mirrors, two sets of wall sconces, three corbels and a thing - which I have no word for, but pictures will follow I promise (as soon as I find out how to do it).

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