Saturday, 8 December 2012

my no cost Coast Cafe Christmas

About a month ago I asked my boss at the cafe where I work if I could decorate the place for Christmas. He agreed but said on one condition - that I don't start till December !

Then he asked me what budget I would like - I said no budget. I wanted to do a zero cost, re-cycled, up-cycled, cafe relevant Christmas.

The cafe is in a little building on the seafront. 18 months ago it was only a kiosk. Now it has seating for 22 inside and a large deck that can seat 60 outside, right on the beach, weather permitting ! It is very simple inside, done out with wood from the beach and reclaimed materials by the owner and a couple of friends, so a re-cycled cafe Christmas is very appropriate.

Yes, it's a little bit old and dishevelled, but it does get a battering from the wind and the rain !
And now it is ready for Christmas !
With twigs, holly and bay from the boss' garden, which I decorated with dried and fresh chillies, espresso cups, teaspoons and anything else I could find.

There are tea strainers, and coffee tin lids, scourers, some red tags and the lids from Camembert cheese boxes hung all over the place.

One of the artists in the studios next door, hung some of his artwork, and made some other signs for us.

The basket is mine, and the twigs are held in place by stones from the beach. The ribbons are all re-cyled from my own Christmas last year and I'll be saving them all for next year too.

We've hung things wherever there is a space !

The illy coffee espresso cups are perfect for my red, white and natural theme (customers rave about the illy coffee we serve).

Some driftwood from my collection, a few pots from my garden, and some book pages from the boss (he's covering the toilets in artists pictures and book pages) and we have some little trees.

The silver star on this tree is made from the seal on a chocolate powder carton.

And a little wonky driftwood tree with a garland of twine and bottle tops.

A wreath made from packaging that one of the other staff brought in ( there is a light behind the twigs, but we need a new light bulb, and we don't like to hurry anything down on the beach !).
And a 'Merry Christmas' garland, made from lining paper and music sheets. It's double sided so that you can see it from the outside (that took a bit of brain power making sure I had the right letter on the back so that it read both ways).

I spent money on one thing - the fresh red chillies, but I intend to cut them up and dry them and keep them for soups etc. so I like to think that I've achieved my 'No cost Coast Cafe Christmas'.
So a little bit of Christmas has come to my neck of the woods at last - yippee !!
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  1. I love it! It's perfect for the space and even better that it was no cost! What a wonderful idea to decorate with "cafe" appropriate items. Great job!


  2. Mission accomplished! The spoons and knives hanging from the tree make me smile as does the driftwood tree on the outdoor table. :@

    It is fun to make your work place more festive for the holidays.

  3. What fun to see inside the cafe! You've done a great job bringing a funky, arty vibe to the Christmas theme. I know I'd be smiling if I was sipping coffee in such a fun place. Your boss must love you!

  4. Love your no cost decorations. I was doing a little shopping today and I was actually turned off by all the gilt and glitter in the store. I think simple and meaningful is so much better.

    Merry Christmas

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to work or stop for a coffee, the decorations really add a homey look to the place. The Santa artwork is amazing!

  6. Great work, I've also been picking up branches and working for my handmade decoration. If you want to have a look, here your are my blog:

  7. Would love to stop in and have a fresh scone! I really like the chilies as ornaments. By the way, don't chop them up, let them dry whole. Store in a mason jar and pull out to grind when you need some. I grind mine in my coffee bean grinder.

  8. you've created a festive, happy place to work and to sip coffee, fiona! love the little trees and your banner, esp:)

  9. So lovely Fiona! Love the garland, the twigs and the DIY Christmas tree. I bet your boss is excited for the "no budget" cost, in fact I believe he should give you a raise!

  10. That's so right, you deserve a raise! I love all the earthy elements you added, but my favorites are those Christmas trees! The one with the chilies is amazing! You did a fantastic job!

  11. Aren't you just a clever little employee. I hope your boss is happy to have you, you took a quaint little place and turned it into a quaint Christmas quirky place. How fun, I'd notice all those little touches if I was dining in there. Nice job.


  12. Fabulous Job Fiona - it looks really great, I bet your boss is thrilled with it! CJ

  13. So lovely. Been thinking of you hunni - hope you're well xxx Nat


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