Sunday, 23 December 2012

a little Christmas decoration addiction 2012

Last week the sofa looked like this !

It took me about three days to sort them out, and now they look like this !
Still just as untidy, but at least they are on the tree !
Next year I will do better, and I definitely need to add some ribbon. In fact I think I need a bigger tree because all the decs are falling over each other for space !

I needed to find room for all the things I usually put on the mantle, so I just added them to my other vignettes.

I really do need a bigger tree because all of the things in the picture below are normally on it as well !

I put my favourite little Russian Santa dolls that are a little bit old and chippy (they cost £1 over 20 years ago) under a cloche with some holly.

That's it folks - I'm all ready
I hope you all have a very
Merry Christmas

with all good wishes
Fiona xxx



  1. I have a set of nesting dolls, too, but unfortunately mine aren't Santas. Yes, you need a HUGE tree for all your ornaments! Or maybe a few more small trees around the house. It's all looking very festive and I can see you're ready for the big day. Merry Christmas, Fiona!

    xo, Vickie

  2. I love your tree. And all your wonderful decorations. I bet they all have a story to tell too. And I especially love the Russian Santa Dolls!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. What a lovely post - such amazing decorations and colours. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Sydney. F x

  4. Lovely, beautiful, cozy, cute, wonderful, PERFECT

    Hugs from Spain


  5. i love a super full tree, fiona--yours is awesome! merry christmas to you!

  6. Have a Happy Christmas, Fiona! Your room looks lovely.

  7. I think the more on the tree the better. Load it up!

    Merry Christmas to you and the Geezer.


  8. You have the most charming ornaments I've seen in blogland! I love how they look on the tree! The Santa dolls are amazing!
    Merry Christmas, Fiona!

  9. Love your tree Fiona, it's traditional which means my kind of Christmas Tree! Hope you had a great time these festive days with your loved ones!

  10. Fiona, your decorations are lovely! I do believe I could sit and stare at your tree all day, so many beautiful ornaments to gaze over! Have a safe holiday season.

  11. It is wonderful. This morning, my dining room table looked like your sofa as I took Christmas down and cleaned up. My husband did not think I would get it all back in the attic today, but he underestimated me.

    Hope your Boxing Day and Christmas were wonderful.

  12. Love your tree Fiona...I guess that's because it looks a lot like mine! The more ornies, the better!

    Hope the New Year is good to you and brings you lots of good health and happiness!

  13. Hi dear! Whishing you and all of yours a happy and adorable new year so full of many blessings and so much love! Lots of kisses, Marie

  14. Just checking to see that all is well. You've been awol for a long time. Hope all is well.


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