Friday, 4 May 2012

a tale of bedrooms and beds

Whilst trying to finish my unfinished projects, stupidly starting some more and finding places for everything that used to be on the mantle, because of the new mantle in the post below, I have also been trying to sort out our tiny spare room.

When I moved in with the old geezer, his daughter slept in there, in a bunk bed, (she spends three nights a week with us, and  the rest with her mother).

I used the third, and much larger bedroom as an office, store room and work room.

After a couple of  years, we switched rooms. I actually loved my new tiny office ( I painted it all white of course) but it was always completely over crowded.

In her new larger bedroom the old geezer's daughter got this Ikea day bed, which came from her mothers house. At her mother's house she got a new double bed (with me so far ?).

Last year, the old geezer's daughter asked us if she could have a platform bed. The type with a desk underneath.  We found a really good quality one on ebay - hardly used, for a great price.

We put the Ikea bed in the loft.

When we created my studio space I put most of my stuff in there, so that my tiny office could become a small guest room.

Some weeks ago, we brought the Ikea day bed down from the loft.
I actually sorted all of this out and although the room wasn't finished I made up the bed ready for visitors !

THEN, just as I was getting the colours, and ideas sorted in my head - we were asked to return the bed !
The old geezer's daughter's mother was moving, and wanted it back. No problem, it wasn't ours, although luckily she didn't want the mattress, one less expense.

So - plan B. Find a new bed - budget £20 if possible (highly unlikely).

I looked in every charity shop that sells furniture, in the local area.
Ebay didn't have anything I liked.
Then I went to a house clearance place - no single beds. I found a little table for £10 (to hopefully paint and sell on), and while I was paying I thought I'd ask about single bed frames, just in case.

I was told there was one in a store room.

I was shown the bed.

Oh wow.

I tried to look nonplussed.

I asked the price.

£20 !!!

I casually said I'd take it (maybe I could have got it for less, but I was just so ecstatic).

Oh happy happy day !!!!

It's gorgeous, I absolutely love it. It looks Victorian and maybe mahogany but I really have no idea. I am sure it's worth way more than £20 though.
I would never paint it, the wood is just too good. The bars are a little odd, maybe it was adjusted at some time, and the mattress doesn't cover them - but I love the height of the headboard, and I am planning to use a lot of cushions.

And now I have a whole new list of things to do, to finish this room - (as if I didn't have enough already).

I hope you all have a great weekend - Fiona xx


  1. Wow Fiona! That was your lucky day! I love the bed! the headboard looks magnificent! I also like the legs! Good thing they took the old bed back! :)

    1. You're so right Cristina - I never would have looked for a new bed if I hadn't had to give the old one back !

  2. Oooh, what a beautiful bed. Can't wait to see what you do with the room.

  3. What a score Fiona! Some people get a the luck. So happy for you! Can't wait to see your room when finished!

  4. Your new old bed is beautiful and I'm so glad you're not going to paint it! I've looked at a few of your posts and have seen your gorgeous hand painting on walls. I need to look around some more to see what else you've been up to. I'm your newest follower. :@

  5. Fiona I have just found your blog - stunning! I am a colour girl - but I LOVE white and so envy people who can 'live' white - it gives you so many possibilities. Have a great day. Francesca

  6. I really love the bed you got and better yet, the bargain price. It always feels nice to come home with great things and still have money in your wallet. Good find!

  7. Wow, that was a bargain price! That headboard is beautiful!

  8. Wow, the wood on that headboard is stunning! That's going to send you in a new design direction i'm sure, fun!

  9. I like it raw too, but I'm not above painting wood if the mood strikes me.


  10. This bed is awesome!!! Live with it paint free for a while - white bedding would be beautiful though. What a great buy!!!

  11. Everything happens for a reason, doesn't it? Beautiful wood, lovely shape and just your style! Lucky you!!



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