Wednesday, 23 May 2012

mini shelf unit

So, this is the other half of the box frame, that I wrote about here.

Those dividing pieces were really stuck to the tongue and groove, so it gave me an idea.
I bashed out the diagonal pieces, cut them down and moved them. There were bits of wood and glue that I couldn't remove, so I decided to cover it all in plaster. I had a large tub of cheap wood filler, so I used that.

I did thin layers of plaster and made sure it dried out between each coat. When the middle sections were done, I found some wood to make a frame.

Ok, so nothing fitted or joined up, but I just kept filling and painting, filling and painting.

In the end I had a mini unit for loads of little things that have been in a drawer. I know that some of them are pretty tacky and twee, but they are sentimental, and I found a nice little space in the corner of the guest room that I am trying to finish.

The only things I'm really NOT attached to, are the teapots. I bought them about 20 years ago and loved them then, but not any more !

The silver piece on the right is a silvered champagne cork commemorating the birth of my oldest friend's son. The brightly coloured dish and the one below are metal enamelled dishes from china. I bought them when I was a child, from a jumble sale.

When I was young I wasn't interested in dolls. I would go to a shop called Pauline Lovell, in Sevenoaks (it's no longer there), and buy knick knacks, like the ones below. They had a craft shop as well, and I would go there for fabric and beads.

Both of the things below were gifts - a little tiny powder compact and a small hand mirror, with stitching on the back.

I have a really cute little silver mirror, but no idea where it came from - you can just see little ribbons and flowers etched onto the back. Next to it, is a tiny box set of four Winnie the Pooh books - greatly faded as it was also purchased 30 or 40 years ago !

I've been writing this post while staying at my friend Pandy's house, and she informs me that I promised the teapots to her !!  Brilliant - she loves collections, and she has a few of the teapots already (and a much larger house), and I get to gift them (which feels better great) and display a couple of other things I recently found.

And, the cost of all this? Well, the whole box frame was £5, and I used half for each project, and everything else I had already. So that's £2.50 for my mini plastered shelf !

As you can see, the walls of my mini guest room are white - well what else could I chose.
Anyway, the room really is tiny - white makes it feel larger. 
More on that soon !

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  1. Very cute! You did a nice job with it! I love the collections you have!


  2. Oh my Fiona - that is fantastic - I want to do that too now!!!! Looks great and I like your collection of treasures too xxx Nat

  3. Brilliant idea! And it gives a country look!

  4. Is Pandy feeding you as good as last time?


  5. Brilliant! I love your collection and it looks great in its new case. Your friend is lucky to have those adorable tea pots. Love the pooh book too!

  6. Wonderful collection and you did a great job on the shelf. I need to try working with plaster.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Love this! The plaster gives it a very special touch!

    Thanks so much for sharing on SOS!!



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