Tuesday, 23 June 2015

new (old) stuff and 'Bob's moving out fund'

When I finished my hall, I really was on a mission to find the perfect rug........the hall needed it, the white floor desperately needed it.

I spent hours (literally) trawling Ebay until I found a couple of companies that I believed would supply the type of used Persian rug I was looking for (as you've probably realised old works better for me). I did a bit of bidding, then chickened out because of one reason or another.

Then I saw the perfect rug, the perfect size and colour and I was determined to have it. I calculated exactly how much I could afford (there were 10 days to my next pay day and I thought I could live quite frugally) and sat at home one Sunday evening with my heart pumping (sorry if this is melodramatic but I've never bid for something before) determined to win it, and I did............right at the top of my budget.

Isn't it fab.

I love it. I love that it looks authentic, that the size is perfect, that the colours are great and tie in with the stained glass on the door, that the pile is in pretty good nick even though it is used and I think £105 for over 8 feet of gorgeousness is a pretty good deal.

My little photo bomber seems to be enjoying it too, though I imagine he's thinking he'd rather be in the kitchen where there might be a chance of some food..............
and if he looks all sad and forlorn and bows his head, he might get a treat soon.

The other thing I wanted was a new light fixture, my existing light was just too small and I wanted something grander. I had no budget for the light whatsoever, but there's no harm in looking is there.
About the same time as I was searching the internet for runners and chandeliers, I decided it was about time my brother moved out. He's been here over two years now and still hasn't found a job which means he's never paid me a penny, in fact he's just cost me money because I've helped him out on a few occasions.
Anyway, I decided to sell some stuff to raise some money for 'Bob's moving out fund'. I started with some old gold jewellery that did have a bit of sentimental value, but as I wear silver it had been in boxes for the last 30 years so it was a bit pointless keeping it for another 30.
You might have worked out what happened next..........I had an envelope with £155 in it and 'Bob's moving out fund' written on the front...........what did I go and do............spend it almost straight away on an empire style chandelier for my hall. What really swung it for me was that the seller was in the next town to mine and he could shorten it slightly for me, and after all, it was my money.
It was a bit more than £155, so I used some of my tip money, but it feels great that I still have something to show for the gold I sold. I now have a family heirloom hanging from the ceiling instead of around my neck.
Apparently it's French but I don't know how old it is, however it doesn't matter either way, to me it's just totally gorgeous, come day or night.

I'm going to have to see what else I can sell so that I can put something towards 'Bob's moving out fund', but at least I have two beautifully 'old' new things.
Did I mention I want a runner for the landing.


  1. What gorgeous treasures you got! Love the runner and the chandy! You did good! Enjoyed your post!

  2. Aaaaaaashhhh!!!! It's all so gorgeous!!! (I am one of those easily excited Americans.)

  3. I truly enjoyed the treasures and the stories that went with them. Ebay can be addicting. Fortunately, the point when I was most active with my bidding was back when I had dial-up internet and the photos took 2 minutes to download, so it helped slow me down a bit. I can relate to your thoughts about keeping things with a sentimental value, I've been carefully thinning out heirloom-y things - what value are they to anyone if I just have them stored away? It's a tough task. I like your philosophy about it hanging in the hallway instead of around your neck.

  4. I've been thinking for a while now that your house has reached some sort of spectacular nexus, and turned a corner into truly amazing fabulosity. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I feel like just at the point where you redid that downstairs dining room cupboard with the map fabric and everything, it all just started coming together into something really, really amazing. Your house is absolutely beautiful, wonderful, and unique. The chalk paint bathroom downstairs is still one of my very favorite things in blogland. I am insane with joy over the lighting fixtures and this one is so beautiful I can't even stand it. The floors, the rugs, the paint and fabric colors and textures, the art, the bathrooms, the halls, just everything has completely gone over the edge into hyperfab, and I am so enchanted by it all!!! It's really inspiring, since I know you've been working on this for a while, and I am feel utterly crushed under the wt. of trying to pull my own house together, and the fact that you have achieved utter perfectness after some persistent working on it, gives me some sort of hope that someday, if I don't give up, I will too. Also, your dog is just lovely. My dogs send hugs. (OK, no, they send yaps, but I send hugs). I felt I had to go into this at length because I usually don't leave comments, but I wanted to express what I've been feeling for some time now. I salute you!!!

  5. The chandelier is to die for! I'm not so sure your brother will want to move out now that he can be greeted by such a gorgeous light fixture when he comes back ;)

  6. Your hallway is just divine! Love the rug and the chandelier is gorgeous!! I found your blog through Nancy's living large in small places feature.

  7. You have found some utterly gorgeous treasures, and I am totally envious! I have not gotten brave enough to buy anything of this magnitude on eBay or the dreaded craigslist. I just love your home -- and I am guessing your brother does, too. Perhaps it is time to show him the door and tell him to grow up?

  8. Your 2 latest purchases were meant to be, Fiona! Your rug is a perfect fit, and your gorgeous chandy is fit for a queen! Your entrance has gone from ho-hum to grand!

  9. Well I was going to tell you how perfect the rug was but then I saw the light! Wowza! The very definition of perfect. Great score Fi!

  10. Love your style, the rug so boho, and the Chandelier is fabulous.


  11. Fiona,
    I love the way you think! Hell or high water you will make it happen! The runner looks great and that new chandy is amazing! So happy for you!

    I remember I was shaking terribly the first time I hit that buy button on eBay. Whooo! I have to admit I am now an old pro!

    Have a great week!

  12. Just read two posts I missed and they were both very illuminating. Yuc yuc yuc.

  13. I am glass that you bought yourself that great chandelier - you deserve it!

  14. Just hopped over from The Little White House. Glad to see you came to your senses and spent the money on something worth while. In my past, I've found that even if you had given it to your brother and he had moved out temporarily, you would soon find him on your door again! My two cents worth is that you will need to change yourself before the situation can change. It's hard, but put yourself first.

  15. Hi there! Are you OK? Missing your wonderful posts, hope it's because you're having too much fun!

  16. Yes I love the chandelier it's such a classy look. Love your new rug also and it goes perfect in front of the door with the stained glass panels.
    It's all looking so devine.


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