Saturday, 21 March 2015

more dust collectors (and a peak at my hall)

My bf gave me a couple of cutlery trays last year and I immediately knew how I wanted to use them.
I had seen an idea somewhere on Pinterest that used cutlery trays as shelving, and you know me, I love to display stuff and I love to dust...............not !
I looked out two other pieces that she had given me before (more dust collectors), an old drawer turned into a box frame for dried flowers, and a piece originally used as a tea caddy.

I used Rustoleum chalk paint in Graphite on all four pieces and papers from the collection below.

I painted the tea caddy inside and out and waxed it and added various pictures.

The old drawer needed a bit more work, I couldn't get the didn't have the patience to get the inside completely clean so I painted it and left the outside as it was.

You might recognise a very familiar graphic.

The cutlery trays also got a lick of paint on the inside only. I love the graphite when it's waxed but didn't want to lose all of the wood look.

I used different papers on each piece, but as they're going to be full of beach finds I tried to use naturalistic pictures that included birds, bugs and butterflies.

Then I hung them all outside the dining room door, a wall that had been crying out for something for a long time.

On their own, the four dust collectors shelving units didn't fill the space enough, so I added a piece of flat driftwood.

I didn't want to do the same thing to the driftwood that I'd done before but remembered a piece of rusty wire and fixings from the back of an old frame that I'd stashed away.

Both the wood and the wire were the perfect size to make a sort of pin board for postcards and photos, using miniature pegs.

So far I've styled the shelves with items from my ever burgeoning stash of beach junk, but there's room for lots more.

So, you've had a sneak peak at my hall, with the grey walls, and white panelling and next time I'll post the big reveal, and I might even do a little bit of dusting before then !


  1. You've turned your cutlery trays into the perfect shadow boxes to display your treasures from the sea, Fiona, and I love what you've done with your piece of driftwood! Your hallway is looking fabulous!! I'm afraid I'm still tinkering away at my kitchen project and not liking it at the moment. I think a tube of caulk is in order and you know how much I detest working with caulk! So do tell, did your hallway project involve lots of caulking? If so, it's looking good!

  2. Oh how fun! Love it! (Even the dust.)

  3. Fiona, I love these! And I love how you grouped them with the driftwood. Oh, you clever girl! You have inspired me, and I will now be looking for old cutlery trays and old drawers everywhere I go! Wonderful! Hugs, Nancy

  4. I love the new little shelves and I adore how you styled them. Just the little touch of beach decor I like, not overpowering but clearly there. I'm not saying anything about the hallway until I've seen it all, but it does look very promising!

  5. You've added the Fionatouch - that is a talent that you must be born with, it cannot be taught. So sayeth me.

  6. Love the lining - anything Parisian and vintage is sure to inspire! Once again, you've cooked up a batch of your beautiful creativity, and pure eye candy for us!


  7. This is a brilliant idea! I wish I had the kind of mind that could think of things like this, but I don't, so thank goodness for you! Also, I just wanted to mention that your chalk paint bathroom is another amazingly brilliant idea I adore, I started at those pictures for a week. Lastly, please don't dust on my account, It will make me feel anxious, like maybe I should do something of the same. Don't want to feel that way!

  8. PS-can't wait for the full hall reveal!

  9. it looks great and I am right there in agreement with you about dusting.

  10. You are so creative Fiona. I would never have thought to do this!! Love it.

  11. After a computer death, I'm back and catching up with everyone. I'm always amazed at your artistic eye and plan on copying you once again!

  12. the wall grouping looks great with the driftwood, fiona:) and hanging pictures on the wood is a wonderful idea! i didn't know rustoleum made chalk paint--good to know:)


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