Thursday, 19 February 2015

spot the difference

I love those competitions in magazines and newspapers where they put two (almost identical) photos side by side and then ask you to identify a number of differences to win a prize, I love the challenge and I love looking at details.

Here are some small changes I made in the kitchen, can you spot the differences ?

First I just swapped something round because I was always unhappy with the position of one thing.

You might notice it a bit better in the picture below.

Then I decided something needed painting because although I love all the wooden touches, one of the items is practical but not very pretty.

You can see it better here, where you can also see my new black kettle. Chronologically this all happened before I painted blackboard walls in my hall and loo. The desire to paint things black had been growing in me for quite sometime, so I started small and it grew and I think it's still growing.

Something very large also took place, can you see it ?

Now I'm sorry but there aren't any prizes for noticing the changes.
I really disliked the vintage black scales on the windowsill, somehow they looked out of place, moving them onto the microwave seemed to work much better.
The knife block was old and tatty, so I painted it black and that's when I decided to get a new black kettle................the old one always spilled when it poured so it was time for a new one anyway.

The biggest change was a new window........yes ok, there is more frame with the new upvc window than there was with the wooden one, but I hated all the tattiness of the old wooden frame, you can't really see it but trust me it was very untidy. The new white frame looks much nicer and cleaner.

Luckily I dissuaded the salesman and the surveyor from trying to persuade me to have a central bar down the middle of the window (giving me two large windows whose handles I could reach). No, I can't reach the top windows without jumping up on the side, but when I'm old I'll get a pair of steps out coz nothing is going to spoil the view of my garden...............

and I'll still be here when I'm old because I'll be paying for the window for the rest of my life anyway !!!


  1. It's a gorgeous window, Fiona, as is your kitchen ... your whole house for that matter. I LOVE visiting each and every time!

  2. I had trouble looking at things in the kitchen because I was smitten with the view in the garden. I am glad you keep that a full view for you to look at. Love the scale, love the curated shelves.

    It's okay if you are in your house forever and I am one of those old ladies who now needs a ladder to do certain things. The best advice I could give you is to not get old!

  3. Your entire home is charming, but your kitchen is my absolute favourite room in the this forever house, and now that your pretty garden has made it into the space via the views from this gorgeous window, well, I don't think I'd ever want to leave! From the crockery to the gadgets, painted or otherwise, and the abundance of natural light form which to gaze out to the garden, your kitchen has served up cozy and cheery, English charm!


  4. I noticed the old scale right away because it's gorgeous wherever it is. I adore the little shelves you have in your kitchen and they almost distract me from your painted knife block. Congratulations on the new window, I bet it'll feel so much warmer in winter and you still have that amazing view on your garden.

  5. I noticed the scale right away, too. It's a wonderful piece, Fiona. The garden is so gorgeous, though, that it was hard for me to take my eyes away from it to notice the knife block. I like what you did, and I like the new tea kettle, too. Your kitchen is so charming. I'm glad you chose the same style window so you can keep your view of that garden! xxx ~ Nancy

  6. The window looks great and I would love to see your garden too! The knife bock looks so much better black - what a great idea. I'm with you on the black - it does look great especially against wood.

  7. Wow! That window looks great and I love your view! That was a fun game to play and I hope you do it again because I'm pretty good at it! LOL!

  8. Great changes all around, but the window is the best one. If you are seeing all that greenery out your window right now, I'm jealous! Here it is all snow, snow, snow.

  9. I know that I say that every room in your place is charming, but I can't help it. To me, "charming" is the goal, the ultimate compliment.

  10. beautiful new window with such a pretty view, fiona! love the black painted knife block, too:) have a great week!

  11. Apparently I'm no good at that game, although I did spot the scale being moved right away. I failed on the others though and I swear I stared at the pictures to figure it out.

  12. I am terrible at that game because I get so distracted looking at everything else...oh and out that lovely window!!


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