Saturday, 10 January 2015

the reason for my blogging downfall.....

When I took another break from blogging last year I worked on a few small areas in the house. One thing that was really bugging me was the sofa.
The sofa is pretty new and pretty nice, but it's hard to relax at night, the back cushions make it too upright.
That's great in the daytime when I might want to sit upright and blog, but not so good at night when I want to relax, throw the laptop on the floor and watch something on tv.

I had the idea of switching the back cushions for smaller ones that would be far easier to throw around or sink into, rather than trying to lift the cumbersome original cushions onto the floor (which I did.....often.....I've mentioned before, I'm pretty lazy and I love watching films).
When I got the extra spondulies from this job, I went straight to a Next superstore and found three cushions straight away, which put me on a mission to find more.

As I'm always trying to be eclectic I went for different styles. The grey velvet (only £8), green ruched velvet (£14) and devore velvet (the most expensive at £25) were the first buys.

I couldn't resist the printed blue and white cushion and it was a steel at £6. Also from the same shop I got the duck egg blue, brown and green check cushion (14.99) and the grey felt cushion (can't remember how much that was but it was inexpensive).

The linen cushion with the green stripes came from H & M online, I think it was £7. The brown check was a £2 remnant I made into a 50cm cushion for the back row (the other three being the same size).

Then I just needed one more to tie it all together, something with green and blue and definitely a pattern and I found it online, in the US, and it looked right when I put the computer on the sofa to try it for size.

When I received it, I found the background a little yellow for my liking but I love the pattern and all the other colours, so it stayed.

And this has actually become the reason for my blogging downfall, because it's way too comfy and the laptop gets discarded early in the evening.

And in true blogging style, let me just show you the other end of the room that is in slight disarray, due to staging the sofa (I had to take the throws're guests after all)) and numerous painting projects, and of course my favourite little photo bomber is never far away.

I'm currently off work because the boss has closed the café for 10 days for essential maintenance but I still haven't finished the hall, stairs and landing because I'm slightly obsessed with the WC. That sounds weird but I had a little idea to make it more interesting and it's all coming together, more on that soon.........


  1. The sofa looks great (and comfy) with all fun pillows. I love the eclectic diversity.

  2. I love the look of your sofa with all the plush pillows piled on, Fiona! The room looks so fresh and stylish with your choice of fabrics. I would do the same with my soon-to-be 25 year old sofa if it had removable back cushions! I can't wait to see what creative things you've been up to, besides your sofa update. Your photo bomber is pretty adorable. woof woof

    Enjoy your play time!!

  3. I really like your pillows. The one with the tree silhouette is amazing. Have a great weekend. Jo

  4. You are completely forgiven for sinking into those beautiful pillows!

  5. It looks so comfy... I'm wondering how you even found energy to write that post ;)

  6. nice to you, again! you mix colors so very well, fiona! the pretty pillows look comfy and i am glad this is why you've been missing:) enjoy your "new " sofa"!

  7. Spondulies??!! LOL! Your couch looks great and oh-so-comfy with all those pretty pillows! I probably wouldn't get much blogging (or anything else) done either! 10 days off?? Awesome!

  8. I love it! Can't wait to see more!!!!!

  9. The change is great, Fiona. I love all the different pillows you chose, Very stylish and it does look super comfy. xxx ~ Nancy

  10. Good for you, that looks good and looks like something you could sink into for a good movie. :)

  11. Oh how pretty the mix of patterns, textures, and prints on your collection of comfy pillows, Fiona! The room looks so very cozy, warm, and inviting, and I'm not surprised that you lose yourself in its luxury of lingering, whether it's watching your movies, blogging, or snoozing! Kudos for your constant creativity, my friend!


  12. I don't believe there is any formal training in home design that could create this much of a charming and welcoming ambiance in a room. Some people have a natural instinct, a knack, you are definitely one of them. Your whole house is that way.

  13. I love what you did with the couch! I love the entire room! The paneled wall and the colors. xoox

  14. That sofa looks sooooo comply. I don't think I would get any work done either!

  15. Fiona,
    The sofa looks very inviting to sit on and all the patterns, textures and colors make it so refreshed. The gallery on the wall ties in perfectly too! I bet you're loving it now!


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