Wednesday, 18 December 2013

*** Ho Ho Ho ***

WARNING ! If you have a delicate disposition and err on the side of minimalism and not maximalism, GO NO FURTHER, I do not wish to be responsible for any unforeseen Christmas decoration overdose !

Many of you have gone for the simple and elegant look, but I'm just not capable of simplicity. I bought my first decoration in my early twenties, when I lived in London and I haven't stopped collecting since then. And if you read the last post, you'll know how long ago that was. I'm addicted to decorations, and feel the need to add to my collection every year.

This is my very first decoration and I bought it in Fenwicks in London. I always like to buy two of everything, or 'the set' if there is one, but this was so expensive, I could only afford one !

My tree is slightly overwhelmed !
Fabric, metal and wood are my favourite, with a huge emphasis on Santa's, I can't resist them.
But as my poor old tree is burgeoning under all the weight, I've put a few decs elsewhere.

More Santa's everywhere. I don't have any cupboard space to put anything away, so I just layer it all up, with the usual vignettes.

Specimen corner (as I like to call it), got a smattering of Christmas and some paperwhites, thanks to inspiration from Donna.
This is one of 6 items I managed to plant out with a £5.99 bag of these gorgeous flowers.
A few jewels for the more traditional table.

This year's acquisitions, are the large metal reindeer head and the three wooden reindeers, holding up some very small and old little stockings, over the buffet.

The buffet is yet to be arranged, because hopefully there'll be some goodies to eat, laid out on my Christmas dishes.

And finally, my mantle-less fireplace has some wired lights and decorations fixed to existing nails, to give the semblance of a mantle. I used to have a couple of fake wired Christmas tree branches that I put here, and from which I hung loads of decorations, but I can't find them, or any similar replacement, so the light will do for now.

 This little set of Russian Santa's cost me £1 and is also one of the first things I bought.


There are a few bits, in the hall, and the kitchen, but if you're still here, I'm sure you're rather weary, so I'll just say...
Ho Ho Ho
Or should that be Hoe Hoe Hoe !!!
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  1. You have been busy. There are so many Santas that called out to me. But my favorite (a new love this year) is the bowl of mercury glass. Oh, that heart is gorgeous.

    Happy Christmas to you - I know it will be special in your beautiful, cozy home.

  2. Well, you didn't scare me off, Fiona! I don't think I could do a natural pared down Christmas either. Your house looks sparkly and bright and I love your new reindeer collection prancing across your shelf! May your buffet runneth over with lots of food and drink! Merry Christmas!

  3. Fiona! I LOVE your Christmas home!! It is NOT too much, on the contrary. Your tree has old world charm, and because I collect both Santas and snowmen, I am that much more in love with it! Now, the star of the show, for me, is the whole wall that is housing the buffet and the little shelf above it!! So whimsical and charming, which for me, makes my heart melt with nostalgia. You must be so happy in your delightfully decked out space!!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. OMG!!! I just finished writing a lengthy comment as I was so excited with all your prettiness and then when I went to publish it, it disappeared!!:-( Has anyone else told you this?

    Anyway, if you find it in your spam or perhaps it's being processed, then ignore this one:

    LOVE your Christmas home and it's NOT too much, quite the contrary, it's JUST perfect!! Your vintage-y tree is trimmed with Santas, which I, too, collect, along with snowmen! They are just so irresistible, aren't they? still my heart...that wall displaying the shelf above your buffet and everything that is in that vicinity, is enchantingly whimsical and fun! I love it all and I'm sure you do, as well. Enjoy it, Fiona, it's pure magic!

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I love your tree Fiona because it reminds me of my own, loaded with all those wonderful ornies that we've picked up over the many years. They all have a memory and to see them once a year is a terrific feeling! I also like to tuck extra ornies and decs everywhere too. I think your place looks great and it definitely looks ready for the jolly guy to show.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Fiona, Of course I am not a minimalist and I love all your Christmas décor....beautiful! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and thank you for joining the Open House party.

  7. It is all beautiful Fiona! The wreath on the door, the full tree, I love it all, it's not too much. But where did you put a certain Christmas in July project?

  8. I'm seeing the child in you coming out in all that Christmas joy! My fave is the galvanized metal reindeer. I want one of those!

  9. Since almost no Christmas decor is happening here...I'm enjoying looking at yours! I am crushing on that metal reindeer head and all of the silveriness in particular. It looks fabulous to me girl! Merry Christmas!

  10. fiona, it all looks so warm and festive! the tree, fireplace, and metal deer are wonderful! i LOVE the silvery wreath, ornies in the dish, and little hoe, hoe, hoe guy:) you do santas like i used to do snowmen--the more the merrier!
    wishing you a wonderful christmas and the best new year yet!

  11. Your tree is so beautiful! And I love the star on top of it! good for you that you planted paperwhites. I usually do and this year I forgot! Your home is all very welcoming, especially the non existant mantel: you're so good you can decorate places that don't even exist! I really enjoyed the tour.

  12. Love your wreath and your Christmas tree Fiona! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  13. I don't think it is too much at all. Actually, I love the idea that you have "collected" your pieces over time. I have done the same thing and love recalling the memories associated with the piece. FAbulous collection of Santas as well.
    Best wishes Fiona and a very happy holiday!!!

  14. I love all your Christmas decorations, especially your Santa ones! My mom collects snowmen. I have a tendency to collect wooden and metal snowflakes.


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