Wednesday, 14 November 2012

if it weren't for you !

I have been looking for three cheap candles for my 5ft candelabra for some time. Recently I found some in my local supermarket for £1.oo each. This is a real result as all the others I have seen are about £6.oo each and I don't want to spend nigh on £2o.oo !

Only problem, they are very white, and if it weren't for you I probably wouldn't have bought them.
If it weren't for you lovely fellow bloggers I wouldn't have thought to give my candles personalised blankets !

Ok, this may not be your taste, this time it may not have been you, but somewhere, sometime, someone wrapped a candle, and I thank you.

So, I wrapped my candles too - in music sheets, ribbons and lace and treasured brooches.

Then I took off a bit of the lace and two of the brooches, because although I like ornate stuff, I'm not so good with too much pretty (although the princess who often sleeps in this room would probably love a whole lot more, preferably in pink !).

So I have another little part of the mini guest room finished and my parents candelabra that was once wired for electric light (and which I wrapped a metal garland round) fits in perfectly.
Not bad for the total cost of £3.oo. so thanks for the inspiration !
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  1. Love it with the sheet music and embellishments!


  2. Isn't it amazing the ideas you pick up from blogs? I think my brain may burst from all the ideas I've stored in there. Thank heavens I can download some of them to Pinterest! Lovin' the look, girl! ~ Maureen

  3. They look great Fiona! Like the icing on a cake!

  4. Isn't it wonderful all the ideas floating around in your head from blogs you've visited!? Your candles are right in my price range, too, and are perfect for your candelabra.

  5. Υοu rocked those simple white candles! I bet the princess like them!

  6. Smart girl. You turned your inexpensive candles into fancy schmancy boutique candles. High five.


  7. love the candles! (i hope i live long enough to do everything in my ideas folder--which has gotten bloated from pinterest and the blogs:)

  8. I have never give my candles "personalized blankets"! :) But it's about time to do it! They look great! I love the candelabra!

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