Friday, 13 July 2012

summertime fun !

A good blogger friend and some of her buddies are having a 'hot fun in the summertime' every Friday in July party.
Well, there's a bit of sun, a lot of rain and loads of strong winds here on the South Coast of England this summer - it doesn't really feel like one could have some 'hot fun' !
I AM having a different sort of fun however, in my mini guest room and on the windy beach !

Two weeks ago I was walking my dog past Coast Cafe and started chatting to a friend who works from one of the artists studios nearby. I told him I really needed a job and he said I should ask next door.

I told him I really didn't want to work in a cafe again, having run our own for four years and knowing how hard the work is (btw, this pic was taken in April when we had some sun!).

About 5 hours later the same day, the cafe owner phoned - the sous chef had quit that day and they needed someone immediately.
Well, I needed a job, so I said yes ! I went and learnt part of the menu the next day, a Friday, then cooked on the Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on my own because the head chef had four days off and the owner had to take his daughter to France !
Obviously I survived (so did the customers, luckily), the weekend was really busy and on the Monday and Tuesday I started cooking the whole menu.
I've been there two weeks and really enjoy it - the owner is so laid back he's almost horizontal. When I'm there it feels like it's my cafe, I cook, serve, clear up, clean, chat and at the end of the day I have none of the worries about staff, wages, accounts etc.

I like being busy and have a (small) weekly wage. I don't miss working on other peoples homes, driving miles every day and not knowing when the next job is going to come !

I love having three days a week to do my own stuff. Like this chair, (my summer fun)

which turned out like this after some AS Off White, some distressing with a wet cloth and my largest fabric remnant.

I'm so lucky that I had a large enough piece so that I could centralise the pattern.

I bought two chairs in a charity shop before Christmas, and thought I would keep the other one because it had barley twist legs, but actually I prefer this one, I love the wavy spindles.

Then I played with a cushion I had. I added eyelets to the sides ( I have eyelet love, since doing this) and some ribbon, and then I can't decide about the extra piece of applique. I printed it using a design I got here, some special paper I got here and our inkjet printer, and added some stain from a tea bag.
The eyelets have actually pulled out, so I need to work on that, but I like the idea - so is it yay or nay to the extra piece ?

I do hope you're all having fun too, whatever the weather, that's what summer is all about. 

And if I don't stop by your place for a couple of days, I apologise.
If I arrive late at the party, I apologise for that too.
I'm never going to be a big blogger (though you could call me a big something else !)
I love to get inspirations, but I don't have aspirations for my blog, sometimes I just wanna sit
and watch the telly, and after working in the cafe all day, that's gonna happen more than usual !

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  1. That's OK Fiona not to dedicate all your free time to blogging! Blogging is supposed to be fun, telly too! Just do whatever pleases you, you deserve it after a long day at work. Nice makeover by the way! Typical English country look!

  2. The chair and pillow - looks great, its a yes. The job on the beach....... ummmm YES! Sounds like a great compromise for you and the timing tells me it was meant to be.

    Hope the sun comes, and thanks for the party shoutout.

  3. Glad to hear the good news about the job you took! As for the chair...I'm on the fence about the panel piece at this time. Well, I Love it without the panel and like it with the panel so maybe it's without for me. Feeling a bit crazed today I guess! Take care Fiona!

  4. The new job sounds great! Love the chair and you have a great attitude to blogging! Have a great weekend, hopefully the sun will make an appearance sometime, the South Coast is looking rather miserable this week!

  5. Love the chair. REALLY love that seat fabric. just beautiful! I guess you kind-of got thrown straight into the fire at your new job! Good thing you are experienced. Good luck to you. Hope you still find lots of time for blogging!

  6. Chair looks great, as does most anything painted white! Love the curvy shape of the back supports.

  7. Great job on that chair, Fiona!! I love the paint and the fabrics you used! Blogging is a lot of work! I don't know how you manage working at the Coast Cafe and doing all those projects!! Sit down, relax I'll keep visiting no matter what!

  8. I love the chair and pillow. They look great. And congrats on the job. It sounds like it was meant to be. Join in when you can and keep the fun in blogging! Do it when you can. I'll always stop by and say hi!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I like the grephic on the pillow and the chair looks lovely with that gorgeous fabric on the seat! Congrats on the new job! It sounds like you are really happy working there, and that's what counts!

    I work 3-5 days a week, so I know how precious your time is and how much time blogging can eat up!!! I only post once a week, if that. I want it to be a creative fun place and not another job.

    Best of luck to you!

  10. Awesome that you have a fab new job hunni - thats great. And it doesn't matter if you are later to read our blogs or link ups -we still love you and your fantastic creations.
    Big hugs from a very non-summer like NZ today xxxxx Nat

  11. Hi Fiona! I love your chair. I love the legs, the wavy back and how you distressed it. The fabric is fab and love you did the pattern on it. I also love your pillow.

    So glad all is going well at the cafe. I don't know how you single handedly did all those things and manage to get some fun stuff done in between. The sun is shining here and it is very hot! Getting some more painted for the boutique!

  12. Good looking projects. Love the graphic you used on the pillow.

  13. Your chair fabric is fantastic and I love your pillow. Thanks so much for sharing it and thanks for linking up to Hot Fun in the Summertime.

  14. Congratulations on your new job! You really got thrown into the fire for your first few days. I love this chair and especially the cushion on the back with the eyelets. Great idea. Hope you don't mind if I steal that idea some time!

  15. Fiona, that's great that you like your new job so much!! And your chair turned out wonderfully! Love it!

  16. Glad to hear you love your new job so much....that makes a big difference! Love your chair too....the fabric is gorgeous!

  17. I do like your " new" chair..well done! And about the never know what surprises may come of this..wishing you many happy days there.
    Love from Afrique du Sud
    Colette x

  18. Congratulations on your job! It sounds like you are enjoying yourself which is primary in the art of earning money. I just can't figure out how you had the time to whip up that amazing chair while learning a new job. I love what you did with it.

  19. Yes, I love the chair and the little check pillow adds so much. Great idea where you attached the ties instead of on the back. The graphic is beautiful, but I think it grabs some attention from the awesome fabric on the seat. It is lovely both ways, but I like it plain checks. Enjoy your summer and your new job. What fun !!!
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  20. congrats on the new job, fiona:) love the little chair and that adorable pillow! i like your thoughts on blogging--i'm a little slow and a little late, all of the time:)

  21. I'm voting yes for the pillow! That could just be because I love graphics and checks and bows. lol ~ Maureen


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